Jared Carrabis Nearly Decapitated My Clint Frazier Bobblehead And Sawed Off His Leg. This Means War.

All things aside from me wanting Carrabis and the Red Sox to meet their demise on a daily basis, this is fucked up. Clint Frazier, the real person, already has it bad enough as he tries to regain brain function from the concussion he suffered a few weeks back in Tampa. Now, we have this. Was this symbolism for Clint having a concussion? If that’s the case why did Jared saw off Clint’s leg. Even Rone, the evil wizard of the office who controls time and space, passed by and said it was fucked up. He said I need to respond by putting needles in his chair. This seems to be Rone’s go-to move for retaliation and I don’t hate the move. But Dave did just pass down the first ever rule of this madhouse we called an office: If you stick needles in someone’s chair causing blood and/or flame thrower someone you are fired. One helluva first rule to have everyone follow if you ask me, but I must comply at least when in the confines of this office. I cannot let this happen in front of my own two eyes and do nothing. I need to send Jared a computer virus or something. Leak all of his bank information to the world wide web. It’s only fair. You don’t mess with another man’s bobble head, especially one as fire as my Clint Frazier bobble head.

If you don’t think Clint is going to use this as fuel to hit bombs over the Green Monster (assuming he regains the use of his brain) you’re fooling yourself. Jared is a legit crazy person and he needs to be put in his place. You are no sorcerer. You are simply a fool.