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Shout Out To This Dad That Wrote A Fake High School Rejection Letter To His Daughter Because She Cheated At Mario Kart


“And THAT’S why you don’t cheat at Mario Kart”


Bravo, sir. Brav-fucking-o. That video is the best example parenting these eyes have ever seen. When you are raising children, there are so many things you want for them. You want them to be happy. You never want them to experience an ounce of heartache. Most of all, you just don’t want them to be an asshole. And there is no bigger asshole move than cheating in Mario Kart.

I guess cheating in any other video game or life in general is bad. But Mario Kart is bigger than that. It’s the ultimate example of life being a journey, not a destination. If you are in last, you can get boosted up to first thanks to a star or a lightning bolt. If you are in first, you know that blue and red shells will likely be shoved directly up your ass soon. That’s just the way the game is played. To throw off the delicate equilibrium of Kart is an offense to the highest degree. Especially with an unpause while your opponent is out of the room. I can see maybe going with a push near the finish line or maybe a fake controller hit. But the unpause is as rotten a move as it is sloppy. If you don’t nip that behavior in the bud when they are young, you could be raising a bank robber or even worse, a murderer. That is why I cosign this guy ripping his daughter’s dreams apart for shits and giggles. Yeah he had a real acceptance letter as a backup so he didn’t end up in his wife’s doghouse for life or create irreparable daddy issues. But you gotta let you daughter that this type of Mario Kart aggression will not stand in this life or the next.


h/t Mashable