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American Idol Winners Where Are They Now: David Cook

As everyone knows, American Idol is back. I watched like 2 hours of it last night and the memories started flooding back. I loved American Idol. Each week I would watch it multiple nights. People were often blown away by my American Idol thoughts and I dont blame them. I would watch the highlights on Youtube and share them with my friends on Facebook with captions like,

“You gotta see this.”

“Wow. Incredible range by Megan. She’s got a chance.”

“Blown away.”

No one captures that feeling quite like David Cook. Here are some of the other incredible performances by David Cook. Buckle up, sluts. You’re in for a moist panty party.

Just unreal vocals there. I would be doing you a disservice if I didnt include the winning performance.


It’s been nearly 10 years since David Cook won American Idol so I wanted to find out where he was. I did not find out the answer. So, in summary, where is David Cook? I’m not sure. Kinda adds to the mystery of David Cook. Wonderful.

PS. Somebody shit on the coats.
PSS. That was actually Dane Cook.