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Tom Brady's GMA Interview was Vintage Brady

Jesus H. Stop me if I’ve mentioned this before, but Tom Brady might be the highest form of life ever to have evolved in this solar system. He’s fresh off a haircut for charity – that raised 6.5 million bucks, but who’s counting? – and looks like a GQ cover. He’s sitting across from a man who almost single-handedly shoved the worse loss of his career up his keister and they’ve not only gone into business together, Brady is being complimentary and deferential. He’s coming off another bad beat but he’s philosophical and optimistic. He’s in New York charming the pants off what should be a hostile crowd. Mostly, he’s being himself. Humble. Self-effacing. Interested in sharing his process not to satisfy some over-inflated ego, but to help other athletes and inspire them to follow his example.

But more importantly, how many Tom Brady Myths does Tom Brady dispel every time Tom Brady talks about Tom Brady? It’s funny how when Brady is in mid-season mode of not saying much except about the next game or off getting R and R with his family in Costa Rica or whatever, everyone fills the void by projecting their own negativity onto the guy. Just in the past year alone we heard how he’s a crackpot selling the TB12 Method like it was Scientology. He was bitter about getting his ass kicked behind a porous offensive line and Gisele was going to make him retire. He was insecure about Jimmy Garoppolo breathing down his neck and forced the owner to trade him. And he was sick of getting dumped on by his coach. And there was even the fake news that he was going to sit out all off-season activities unless he made Jimmy G money. Which was a hoax but hasn’t stopped guys like Felger and Mazz from saying they think it’s true.

Well show me any part of this interview that honestly make you think anything other than this is the same Brady who’s been here since the end of the 20th century. The GOAT. With the same drive, motivation, obsession with improvement and attitude that’s fueled him since he won the coveted Best Off-Season parking spot as a rookie. So with any luck, he’ll keep talking this Spring and Summer because every time he does, it’s like Irish whiskey for this Bradysexual’s soul.