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RIP To Cousin Mike Portnoy's 10th Grade English Teacher Ms. Young

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I took some time to relax this weekend. I had a date night with my wife, a movie outing with my children, and watched Tiger Woods nearly return to the winner’s circle. Monday morning arrives and I drive up to my personal parking spot at the blogging factory and prepare to go to work.

Next thing I know, some devasting news comes across the News Wire (twitter) and I am legit left with my mouth agape. Ms. Young is DEAD? Ms. Young, the teacher with a passion for both literature and proper punctuation, is DEAD? Ms Young, the teacher who assigned work to sharpen and shape the brightest of minds, is DEAD? This cant be. Gone too soon. So before we really get going too much with the humor of the day, let’s smash X and pay some damn respects to Ms. Young who DIED doing what she loved.