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I've Moved Collin Sexton To The Top Of My Draft Board

You may remember Collin Sexton from playing division one college basketball on national television literally three times over the past three days but in case you don’t, here’s a brief reminder: he hit the game-winning shot against Texas A&M on Thursday before leading a preposterous 32-5 run to start the second half and beat Auburn Friday before losing to Kentucky today while dropping 21 points on a respectable 6/14 from the field. Certainly enough of a showcase to remind folks why he was such a highly touted prospect coming into the season and why he’s projected to go in the top 10 of this upcoming NBA Draft. But only a real sucker of a scout would be so heavily influenced by these performances this week. Only the truest knee jerk reactionists of the world would slide the Sex Man up or down their boards based on a paltry three games, one of which he didn’t even win.


No, a real scout stumbles upon a two-year old clip and makes wild assumptions based on things that, at their core, have almost nothing to do with basketball. And that’s where I’m at tonight after watching AAU Collin Sexton calling Penny Hardaway’s son trash directly to Penny Hardaway’s face.

That’s Penny Hardaway, man! That man had a talking doll voiced by Chris Rock for a national sneaker ad campaign! That man played with Shaq and beat Jordan! That man has a 30-For-30! They’re still selling Foamposites at a profit and this is how you treat his kin? His flesh and blood? Incredible display of shit talking while backing it up at such a young age. It’s like he was disappointed such a legendary player created such a subpar specimen. As if playing against Penny’s son was nothing more than a monumental waste of time. I can’t imagine what Sexton would say to Jordan’s kids. They’d probably cry.

That was enough to skyrocket Sexton into the top two for me. I do have the Arizona game on while I scroll Twitter and write this blog, and boy does DeAndre Ayton impress. Even on plays where he’s just standing straight up and down, what a monster this dude is. Going to be real hard to convince me that anyone deserves to go ahead of Ayton come late-June.

And that’s when my mentions start filling up with one of the most viral reaction videos to come out of any level of hoop over the past couple of years.

I had watched hundreds, if not thousands of loops over this video. I had no idea it was Collin Sexton mean mugging the everliving shit out of some dude until tonight. #11 got his soul ripped out of his chest here and Sexton’s been carrying it around in his backpack ever since. A true master of both the boisterous and silent braggadocio, many are beginning to call him a generational talent in this field. Sorry Ayton, apologies to Marvin Bagley III, Jaren Jackson, Jr., and Luka Doncic, too. It’s Collin Sexton and a big gap for the top pick in the Draft. That is, until I see a video of a gazelle that jukes the shit out of a lion or something. Then I’ll have to reassess where everyone stands.