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Tiger Woods Is One Shot Off The Lead Heading Into Sunday #MSGA

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That’s what the leaderboard looks like heading into Sunday at the Valspar. You’ll notice that Tiger Woods is one shot off the lead. Thats a big big big big deal. He shot his lowest round of the season thus far today (67) and is playing incredibly well. He’s not in the final group but that’s just fine. He’ll be playing with Brandt Sneaker again and, as Tiger just alluded to in his post-round interview, he’s very comfortable playing with Sneds. It’s been happening all year. Do I wish Tiger was playing in the final group so a guy like Corey Conners could get a taste of what it’s like to play with Mr. Red Shirt in the last group on a Sunday? Yeah I do. All due respect to Conners but he’d probably choke like crazy. But we’ll take the penultimate group for our boy cause HOLY SHIT TIGER HAS A VERY REAL CHANCE TO WIN. Here at Barstool Sports and Fore Play, we’ve been preaching #MakeSundaysGreatAgain for some time now. Tomorrow that could all come to fruition.

The crowd thing is no joke. Tomorrow is gonna in-fucking-sane. The galleries out there today were insane. Now turn that up about 20 notches and that’s what it’ll be like tomorrow. Golfers who haven’t experienced it are gonna be rattled. Just look at quotes from Rory and Justin Thomas about tournaments that Tiger has played in this year. Tiger playing golf brings out the casual (and occasionally, overly rowdy) fan. Tiger playing great golf and in contention on a Sunday? That brings out everybody. It’s gonna be a circus and I cannot wait. God I hope he wins. Please let him win.


Also, I love when they show the Tiger Woods Cut stat. Especially when its in regards to arguably the best player of the new generation. It’s the most mind-blowing stat in the history of sports.

Tiger turned pro in 1996. Jordan Spieth was born in 1993. Yeah, Tiger Woods is a pretty damn good golfer and has been for a long time. People forget that.



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