I Am Now On Watch #1,000 Of The Jordan Davis Dunk And I Don't Plan On Stopping


Reags posted this late last night (obviously.  If it happens in college basketball, Reags has it posted by the time you refresh the page.)  I haven’t stopped watching it.  Like it’s on an open tab, and I’ll dick around on the internet for a few minutes, then click back over to watch it again.  I made myself a GIF of it and put it on my phone so if I ever have to leave the house today, I’ll have it on me.  I might stop people on the street and show it to them.  Like the guy on the airplane who shows you wallet pictures of his kids only I’m showing a moving image of Jordan Davis murdering a man in cold blood.

Do you think the other guy retired yet?  That’s what kind of has to happen in these situations right?  Like I don’t fault him for this.  He did what he was supposed to do.  He manned up and went for the block.  Played hard D during crunch time for his teammates and fans.  It just didn’t work out.   It happens.  He just so happened to have a man’s penis and ballsack metaphorically but almost literally dangled on top of his head then shoved through the back of his throat to the point of protruding out the back of his head.  Sorry to be graphic but it’s true.  It was a complete and utter emasculation.


You know what they say.

This is March.