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This Video Of Odell Beckham Smoking What Looks Like A Blunt While Talking To A Girl With A White Powder Substance Is Not A Great Look


I am just going to come out and say it. This video going viral on the internet is a rough look for Odell Beckham Jr. Everyone knows that if you are going to get pizza, you get a large. The phrase go big or go home was made about ordering a pizza. Why spend $1 less for a medium or $4 less for a personal? You can eat as much as you want at night and pizza is still good the next day, regardless of if it is hot, lukewarm, or cold. Name another food with that type of versatility. You can’t. And yes I know the pizza looks awful. But if Odell was anywhere near New York this week as it got mollywhopped by two massive storms, then this video will actually make me upset. Odell better have been somewhere that has a warm ocean and shitty pizza when this video was filmed.

Oh yeah and getting caught with what looks like a blunt will probably cause a bunch of square losers in the media to go crazy while they act like they didn’t smoke weed in college or still do today. Do I wish Odell used a pen like all of my friends do instead of a blunt? Sure. But some people like to do it the old fashioned way and get some proverbial ink under their fingernails. There’s something to be said for people that don’t let money or the times change who they are or what they like.

As for the powder, I find that baking soda is a wonder product for cleaning around the house. Mix in some vinegar and you have an exciting way to not only cleanse some household products but also make a hell of a fake volcano. Where would we all be without baking soda? Stuck at the third grade science fair alongside people whose parents made their projects. Hats off to you, baking soda. And hats off to you, Odell Beckahm for spreading love, if you were indeed telling this girl to sleep with someone else. If we had more people loving each other, the world would be a much better place. We need more people like that and less people that sneak cameras around like fucking narcs.

But seriously Odell, I really wish you weren’t in that video. I’m guessing everyone in the Giants front office feels the same way other than the fact it may help knock that contract offer down a couple of bucks. I mean do your own thing and whatever, but if you see a phone pointed anywhere near your very uniquely coifed head, you really should hide the blunt and show off that ridiculous athleticism by getting as far away from lines of powder as possible. Roger Goodell is just itching for an excuse to throw another player in the NFL paddy wagon with flimsy evidence and based on the game film from last season as well as the fact you are one of the best weapons in the entire league, the offense kiiiiiinda needs you.

So Roger, if you are reading this, please take note that Odell is eating what could be a Pizza Hut pizza. It would be a real shame to punish a guy in a video with the product of your newest big time sponsor in frame. What kind of message would that be sending to other advertisers? A bad one, Roger. A very bad one. Almost as bad as making the clown shirt a Must Buy item for millions of Giants fans in the New York market. Do you really want to see those turquoise shirts on the way to your ivory tower on Park Ave? I don’t think so.