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Phil Mickelson Says He And Tiger Have Gotten Pretty Close And He Wouldn't Be Surprised If Tiger Won This Week To One-Up Him

Pretty cool to hear Phil talking about him and Tiger’s relationship. There was of course endless rumor of tense strife between the two of them in the early and mid-2000s. With Phil being 47 and having just won for the first time in nearly 5 years and Tiger being 42 and having just come off 3 back surgeries and a fusion, and having not won since 2013, they’ve got a lot in common.

I’d do damn near anything to be a fly on the wall with these two in the same room at the Ryder Cup.

And right on cue, Tiger is (at the time of this writing) 5-under at the Valspar with the solo lead. A Phil –> Tiger back-to-back wins run in 2018 would be unfuckingbelievable.

Shoutout to Phil for always acknowledging the positive impact Tiger has had on his life and career. Phil is an INCREDIBLY confident, cocky, and competitive dude and it undoubtedly irks him to no end that he happened to have to play his whole career against the most dominant force in the history of the game. Yet Phil being Phil, he always thanks Tiger for making him more money, for making him a better golfer, for forcing him to workout to keep up. Say what you want about Phil, but the dude always says the right things and, beyond that, every story we hear praises this guy for being a great dude.


We get tons of stuff sent to us here — never a negative word. ALWAYS consistently on brand with the narrative that Phil Mickelson is a fantastic guy.

These two are the reason I originally got into and currently play golf. It’s so damn cool they’re still around, still battling, still competing against this new era of talent.

Make Sundays Great Again indeed.