Getting Knocked Out By A Steven Adams Headbutt Cannot Be Fun

Jeeeeeeesus. First of all, shout out to Terrance Ferguson’s head for somehow staying in tact and attached to his body after going directly into Steve Adams’ dome. I feel like the entire litter of Adamses spend a good chunk of their summer vacations doing what giants do, which is wrestle on a remote island so they don’t mistakenly hurt regular-sized humans and work out by doing giant wrestling moves like headbutts and chest slaps. For Terrance Ferguson to take that licking and keep on ticking is no small feat. Granted Ferguson is also 6’7″, but he is nowhere the size of the type of giant that Papa Adams produces on the regular. That dude’s sperm alone must be the size of goldfish.

I don’t think there is any player you want to run into in the NBA less than Steve Adams. The Boban is way too gentle a giant to let this happen. Even when he dunks on people, he tries to catch them so they don’t fall.


Angry Shaq back in the day could be a prick.

But I don’t know if even The Diesel had same giant strength that Adams has. And Adams doesn’t even seem to have a mean bone in his body full of ginormous bones. If he did, Draymond Green would have been snapped in half after the second time he kicked Adams in the nuts and Zaza Pachulia never would have gone near Russ’ knee a few weeks ago. If you put Steven Adams on the 90s Knicks, NOBODY would have scored on a layup. Headbutts and chokeslams anytime someone came in the paint.