Grading the Newest Sex Scandal Teacher



PennsylvaniaA TEACHER is facing prison after admitting she lured teenager into having sex in her home.

Melissa Ann Bonkoski, 38, romped with a pupil, 16, during her time working as a science teacher at Owen J Roberts High School, Pennsylvania, in 2016.

The court heard she contacted the boy by phoning his home to talk to him and his mother about school work.

But this then escalated to “flirtatious text messages”, and she kissed him when giving him a ride home from school.

Eventually they had sex at her home, with the boy upset with the interaction because he had a girlfriend. …

“In March 2016, Bonkoski started sending flirtatious text messages to the student using a burner phone, which is a disposable cellphone.

“The teacher said that she did not think that the phone would provide a record of the conversations. Bonkoski gave the student rides home and she kissed him.

“The victim wanted the teacher to stop. He was worried if he stopped kissing the teacher she would not give him rides home anymore.”

Let this serve as a cautionary tale to all aspiring Sex Scandal Teachers out there. You’ve be given a great gift, use it wisely. You’ve got a penchant for sex with your teenage student and literally hundreds if not thousands at your disposable. Be sure and choose carefully. You can’t just assume that every kid in your class is going to drop everything and rearrange his life just to get a piece of your 38 year old ass. Some high school kids have standards. They live by a moral code even if you don’t.

And some are one woman men in committed relationships, as is the case with Melissa’s bang buddy. I’m sure she thought the allure of being able to say around school that you’re getting it from the science teacher would be enough to break up what is obviously a beautiful story of young love. But she overestimated herself and underestimated this young man’s sense of right and wrong. So be aware. Don’t make the same mistakes Ms. Bonkowski did. There are plenty of available, single, virginal fish in the high school sea. Befriend their mothers. Get in the habit of texting them. Buy them burner phones. Invite them over to your houses for sex. And for heaven’s sake stop trying to break up young couples. You’re Sex Scandal Teachers, not homewreckers.


The Grades:
Looks: Melissa is a soft Citizens Bank Park 6. A 6 who just got dumped for a high school girl by a kid less than half her age. That’s tough to grade any higher than a
Grade: C

Moral Compass/Bad Judgment: So much good here. Cozying up to the mom in order to get to her son. The burner phone. Not understanding that burner phones can be traced. Taking him home for sex. But it’s a sorry situation when the kid is giving you pity make out sessions in the car just to keep the rides home going. Stuff like that gives sex with your science class students a bad name.
Grade: B-

Intangibles: Bonk-owski.
Grade: B+

Overall: C+

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