Derrick Rose Signs With The T'Wolves For The Rest Of The Season Because He Apparently Has A Death Wish

Live look at Tom Thibodeau realizing he can finally finish the job:


Well that’s it. Derrick Rose’s career is a wrap. His chances of walking at his son’s graduation are zip zero unless he gets a pair of Lieutenant Dan’s magic legs. D-Rose’s body has been barely able to hold up with the minutes coaches can find for him between the couch cushions and now he went back to the coach that grinds players’ bodies into a fine paste.

I guess I’ll give Rose a little bit of credit for going to a team where he’ll get abused. I personally would go into Mailtime Mode and collect the Adidas money that keeps coming as long as I’m on an NBA roster. But Rose is comfortable with Thibs and Thibs is comfortable with Rose. Add in that Taj Gibson is on the roster and I think we have a #superduperteam forming up North. One thing is to assemble a bunch of great players on one team. It’s quite another to take the 2010-11 number 1 seed Bulls and add Jimmy Butler, Karl-Anthony Towns, and Andrew Wiggins to the mix. Now there is only one missing piece to the Timberbulls championship puzzle.


P.S. The only thing crazier than this story being from just over a year ago is that the Knicks actually didn’t do it.