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This Behind The Back Bunt Is So Pointless It's Infuriating

HARDOOOO. Can someone logically explain to me the point of this behind the back bunt? No. No you cannot. Because it’s a rhetorical question that has no answer, and a mere mortal does not have the comprehension to understand. Typical woman gender neutral move of exerting way more effort than necessary to complete a simple task. I can’t fathom why this behind the back betch move would be necessary, other than showing off for the cameras, of course. Sure, you got the highsteps into the endzone, windmill dunks (or 95% of dunks, really), or anything the great Dottie Henson would do behind the plate to put asses in the seats. But those are done by the pro’s. This is just bad fundamentals. Just lay down a drag bunt and take the free base. Plus those people going absolutely apeshit over a bunt single may have to be put down. For both their sake and humanity’s. This is high school women’s softball, not The Beatles.

But it is always nice to see more positives come out from the lady’s softball diamond. One could say they’re surprised the sport survived after this HS State Championship game that ended on a walk off, inside the park…strike out. CUE THE BENNY HILL MUSIC!

PS – Not related but related cause it’s also on the Starting 9 gram, the ol’ foul ball bat chuck with no regard for life. SEND IT ALL: