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Gamers REJOICE... 20 Person Teams Are Coming To Fortnite Starting TOMORROW


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The game done changed! And my first reaction is… it’s for the better? Granted they said this 20 team mode will only be around for a limited time, but this is still a beta game after all folks. If the people demand it stays, then stay it shall. Because that’s the sneaky best part about Fortnite. The developers are listening to the commoners and they have been DEEP in the mud of internet forums all over.

Which has allowed Epic Games to sit back, relax and roll out radical experiments like this with no sweat

And make no mistake about it, each day their power grows exponentially… Whether THAT is for the better is TBD, but if we’re being completely transparent here, I’m willing to tolerate A LOT of abuse if that’s what it takes to keep playing this goddamn game

It has been merciful as fuck and reignited a love for video games I never thought possible. Even our resident Blockhead Smitty has come around to the Revolution, and ended up playing for nearly 6 hours last night! And you know what boy? You best believe he got that Victory Royale, aw yea.

Speaking of which, TOMORROW on Twitch we will be back with the #BeatTheBlockhead Trivia show at 7:30 pm so start getting your Round 3 questions ready… Smitty vs Tex should be a mental bloodbath for everyone involved.

And on Friday it’s gonna be pure afternoon delight live from the Barstool office…

FORTNITE FRIDAY will be making its grand return from 1-4 pm and holy shit I cannot WAIT to run rampant all over survival island with a 20 person Stoolie Squad. Noobs from HQ will likely be stopping by as well but this one is gonna be all about the Victory Royales. NEED them.

Fucking unleash HELL.

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PS: I really really want to try this.