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There's Not A Doubt In My Mind That The Flyers Are Winning The Stanley Cup Next Year When They Finally Have Black Jerseys Again

NHL: FEB 25 Stadium Series - Flyers at Penguins

And there you have it. The Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl in 2017-18. The Philadelphia 76ers are going to win the NBA Championship with LeBron James in 2018-19. And right there with them will be the Philadelphia Flyers winning their first Stanley Cup in 40 some years in 2018-19 now that the team is going to be rocking some black sweaters again.

There are very few moves the Flyers could possibly make that would have me this confident in the team. They could bring in Wayne Gretzky in his prime and I still don’t think I’d be as fired up. There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says “Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good”. Well, folks, it’s pretty dang difficult to look any better than the Flyers do while wearing black. Do I still wish that they could go back to the other murder squad look?



Yes, obviously. But the Stadium Series jerseys weren’t bad at all. I think it would be a smart idea for them to drop the font size down on the sleeve numbers and maybe add just a little bit of white to the socks. But after that, you’ve got yourself a damn fine looking uniform. A uniform that is reminiscent of the Legion of Doom days. The days when the Flyers were constantly wreaking havoc on the Eastern Conference. When teams would rather take a Graf skate to the dick than have to come to Philly to play against this team.

The Flyers are obviously in a spot right now where they’re set up for at least a few more years. You still have a couple more All Star caliber years out of Giroux and Voracek. The young guys like Konecny and Patrick and Provorov are all coming into their own. You have grizzled veteran Sean Couturier at the ripe ol’ age of 25 turning into an elite level goal scorer. Ghost is right up there with guys like Karlsson and Subban and Burns and Doughty in terms of point scoring defensemen. And Carter Hart is on the way in goal. This team is set and the only piece of the puzzle they were truly missing was a black alternate sweater. They have that now. So watch out, rest of the NHL. All y’all bitch asses have officially been put on notice.