Absolute Legend Stole An Oscar From An Afterparty And Hilariously Streamed It On Facebook

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The Verge - Frances McDormand should have taken home the Oscar for Best Actress last night — literally, because she did in fact win the category. Instead, her award was swiped off her table during the Governor’s Ball celebration after the ceremonies. Variety reports that Terry Bryant, 47, was arrested and charged with grand theft shortly after posting a Facebook video of himself drinking and galavanting around with the giant gold statue. Subtle.

“My team got this tonight,” Bryant says in the video, which is still available on Facebook thanks to the merciful internet gods. “This is mine. We got it tonight, baby.” Bryant then smooches the statue several times before yelling “Who wants to tell me congratulations?” While people swarm in to touch the stolen award — which Bryant repeatedly says he got “for music” — he can be heard asking people where the parties are happening.

The thief was also captured in photos with the stolen Oscar, and the Facebook video doesn’t paint him as terribly remorseful or bright. “You know what? I can’t believe I got this,” Bryant says to the camera.


I’ll tell you what- this guy is a legend. Absolute legend. I don’t even think he did anything bad or wrong. If you are a nobody and you snake yourself in a swanky Oscars after party, you HAVE to live it up. Anyone can just drink champagne, it takes a true boss to grab an unattended Oscar and start galavanting around the place like you own it. He was telling people he won it for “best producer”. That chick was eating it up. She wanted a selfie with him!

And look, this one is on Frances McDormand. If your Oscar means that much to you, how are you even going to ever let it get in the hands of some random guy? For as far as I’m concerned, once he gave it a kiss, it became his Oscar.

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I’m sorry, Frances. That’s his Oscar. Better luck next year.



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