Marine Corps Base Has N-Bomb Dropped On A Movie Theatre Sign


The movie title on a base movie theater sign aboard a Marine Corps base in Okinawa, Japan, was changed to a racial slur on Sunday.

Pictures uploaded to social media of the incident appear to show the derogatory message and a 3 p.m. showing. The Marvel Comics film “Black Panther”— which features a predominantly black cast — was slated to run at that time at the Camp Hansen Army and Air Force Exchange Service theater.

The slur — a derogatory term for African-Americans — was made from existing letters on the marquee advertising the Marvel film “Black Panther,” which features a predominantly black cast.

Huge shoutout to the military news source Stripes for explaining things.

Yikes. Obviously dropping an N-bomb is bad. Doesnt take a genius to figure that out. It also doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the Marines on Camp Hansen in Okinawa will be going through hours and hours and hours of training because of the actions of a few dumb Marines or Sailors.

Camp Hansen is a grunt base. The punishment here will be more than just a little paperwork.

Between the drug ring and black market bitcoin scandal and the Marine Corps having this black eye, the Department of the Navy has had a rough two weeks.