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Naked Fella Revved A Motorcycle Whilst Naked In A Garage: Through The Wall? You Betcha

“Brad! Brad! Brad! Rev the bike, dude.”

“Seriously, bro? You think I wont?”

“You wont… naked.”

“Yeah I will bro. I’ll do it.”

“Naked tho?”

“Sure. But that’s like the third naked bet you’ve made me this week. Startin to think you just wanna see me naked, Chad.”

“Whatever. Strip and rev that engine, bro.”

When videos like these pop up, you gotta think how the person ended up naked. We’ve all been there but how does it happen? One minute you’re turning your darty into a narty and the next minute you’re flying through a garage wall while naked and on a motorcycle. Worst part about it? It’s your dad’s bike and you said you were sick so you could stay home from school that day.