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Radford is Going to the NCAA Tournament on a Buzzer-Beating 3

Goddamn do I love conference tournaments. This is how Radford punched a ticket to the NCAA Tournament, beating Liberty by 3 at home. This game was awesome from start to finish. It was close the entire time, each sort of handing the game back to each other than this.

Carlik Jones is a freshman that’s averaging 11 points per game. That’s some sort of confidence to pull up from there to hit the game-winner in a tie game to go to the NCAA Tournament. Radford will likely be a 14 seed in the NCAA Tournament and could be a tough out. They played Ohio State and Vanderbilt tough on the road early in the year.

Radford is led by Ed Polite Jr, who averages 13 per game and then Jones at 11. But, Radford will defend your ass off for all 40 minutes and slow the game down. That can lead to a frustrated top seed and be a closer game than many expect.

Oh, the line was Liberty +2.5, because of course it was. 2 in, 66 more to go.