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Hero Tips 70 Percent At Hooters And Doesnt Look At A Breast Even Once (minus the delicious chicken)


Possibly the bravest tweet I’ve ever read. Nothing like driving to a Hooters, getting out of the car, going inside, and thinking to yourself, “oh me? I just love the wings. These other fellas love tits. Not me, though. I’ve talked to a woman before. These other saps are just here for the tits. I love the wings. LOL I’ve already said that havent I? Anyway, here’s a big tip. BTW, what do you think of the #MeToo movement since you work at a place where your buttcheeks are out near the french fries?”

I’ve read a lot of dumb things on the internet but patting yourself on the back about tipping well at Hooters because everyone else who was in the Hooters where you were currently eating was at Hooters is just mind-blowingly stupid. Not to mention, imagine starting up a #MeToo conversation with a waitress who was currently working. Yikes. So woke that he needs a nap.