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Duke Student Asks The Toughest Question In a New York Times Opinion Piece


So as I’m scrolling Twitter today, I see this opinion piece in my timeline. This the headline:


To put it quite simply, yes. If you go to Duke you have to care about basketball. If you go to Duke, UNC, Kentucky, Kansas or UCLA you have to care about basketball. Those are the rules. I don’t want to hear about things like ‘education’ or ‘great school’ or anything like that. You go to Duke? You care about basketball.

Also, kind of hilarious to run this piece today when, oh, you know, Duke is hosting UNC to end the regular season. Not important at all. Great time to not care about basketball, I guess. And listen, I get it. I’m not one to sit here and say what you should like or dislike, make you’re own decisions. But, when it comes to Duke and caring about basketball, I’m here to judge you.

This couldn’t be more Duke though. Just go paint your faces and cheer on Grayson Allen.