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Report: Thad Matta Has Met With Ole Miss About Open Coaching Job


This is an absolutely intriguing coaching search and we could have a splash. Ole Miss, is an incredibly tough job in the SEC, which is why Andy Kennedy will never get his correct due of consistently finishing in the top-4 of the SEC. Unfortunately for him he couldn’t get to the NCAA Tournament or win there, which is a large reason as to why he was let go.

What makes Ole Miss interesting is the recent updates to the facilities. Throw in the fact you can recruit Memphis, especially if Memphis doesn’t make a coaching change this offseason, and you’re sitting in an okay position. The update to the facilities though is one of the most important things to happen to the program.

So now here we are. Ole Miss is the first big name to have an opening, which gives it a somewhat headstart on the process. As Goodman said in his tweet and story the thing with Matta is going to be looking for the right fit. Is Ole Miss that? I have no idea, but it’s intriguing. He’d have job security there, he’d be able to recruit Memphis and he sort of fits what the SEC has done with recent coaching changes. Names like Rick Barnes, Ben Howland and Bruce Pearl joining the league.

Matta was let go by Ohio State in June of this past season and has battled health problems – most notably a back injury. To me, he’s in consideration for the most under-appreciated coach and what he did at Ohio State. He turned that program into a consistent contender, getting to a couple Final Fours and a title game.