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This Just In...Manny Machado Is Still Good At Baseball

I know its just Spring Training and stats and results are pretty much pointless. But hear me out, this Manny Machado guy is pretty good. Perhaps the club he plays for should look into signing him long term??????? Just a thought.

Normally a guy who doesn’t perform in the Spring, Machado has been tearing the cover off of the ball. Perhaps he has a little pep in his step since switching to shortstop? Maybe he is just excited to be in his contract year? Maybe he’s just a really good fucking baseball player. Could be all three, but if he continue this into the regular season, it’s good news for the O’s. Either he goes on an unreal tear, puts up numbers around .315/40/110 and wills the Orioles to a Wild Card Spot, or the O’s are absolute GARBAGE and they can ship him out for a decent amount of prospects.


In the games that don’t count, he’s 8-13 (.615) with 2 bombs (1 grand slam and 1 three run jack), 8 RBI, an OBP of .643, and an OPS of 1.874. He had a “down year” last year after posting a .259/33 HR/ 95 RBI season. He may post those HR and RBI numbers by the end of August if we’re being honest. Machado being in his contract year means he is just going to mash. He knows he is going to get paid, and for some insane reason, it won’t be in Baltimore. You have to believe he’s going to do everything in his power to show teams he deserves that $500 million payday.

PS. I’m on board with Jerry Hariston Jr, pencil in my vote for Machado being AL MVP.