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Happy Friday Morning From Paulina Gretzky!


What a great fucking way to wake up this morning. Yeah it’s Friday but it’s miserable outside in New York. The calendar just turned to March and it’s snowing outside. That’s dumb as shit. It’s not even real snow. It’s sleet. If it’s gonna snow, give me real snow. Also I almost got decapitated 25 times walking into work today. So I was in a bad mood when I got up today. But then our lord and savior Paulina Gretzky posted an Instagram story and all was right with the world. It instantly became 78 and sunny outside when I saw that story. It’s gotten to the point now that, whenever I see her Insta-story icon on Instagram, I get really excited. We’ve got a good ol fashioned Pavlov dogs situation between me and Paulina Gretzky’s Instagram story. God bless her. Enjoy your Friday, everybody.