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Get Me to This Hanoi Bar with the Tom Brady Room!

Brady Hanoi

r/PatriotsThis is the O’Leary’s chain, a Boston themed sports bar originally started in Sweden and now located all over the world. Every single one is plastered with Patriots memorabilia like this. The proprietor is a Swedish guy who lived on Cape Cod briefly and fell in love with Boston sports and American sports bars.

There are 100+ of them around the world. I’ve seen them in Sweden, Denmark, Vietnam and Hong Kong. It’s pretty surreal to drink a Sam Adams under a Drew Bledsoe poster in fucking Hong Kong.

April, 1975: Two years after U.S. troops have withdrawn, Saigon falls to the North Vietnamese. A Stalinist dictorship is installed. Businesses are seized. Private farms are absorbed into a state run collective. Censorship is established. Dissenters are rounded up and sent to labor camps. All private goods, homes and enterprises are considered property of the Communist regime.
March, 2018: Massholes drink Sam Adams in a Irish chain restaurant in a Tom Brady shrine.

Now 42 years later, I guess finally know who won the war.

I can blame the Vietnamese government for a lot. But not for this. When South Vietnam collapsed, Tom was just a gleam in Galynn Brady’s eye. Sure, there had been prophesy’s of a Chosen One, but not even Ho Chi Minh could’ve known he’d be born two years later an ocean away. And in the end, all that utopian Socialist idealism, all that bullshit about the evils of Capitalism and the decadence of the white devils in the West go right out the window once you witness Brady’s greatness. That stuff about the means of production belonging to the lumpen proletariat feels like it’s just talk when you’re in the mood for a Boston Lager or a fine Cold Snap.

So let this be a lesson for our own government going forward. Instead of sending poor and working class Americans off to fight and die in some hellhole halfway around the world because we’re worried about the spread of the Red Menace, just wait them out. Play the long con. And expose them to the joy and majesty that is drinking Boston beer in an Irish pub that celebrates the wonder of the GOAT. And they’ll turn Capitalist without us firing a shot. You’re next, North Korea.