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Marcell Ozuna Introduces Himself To Cardinals Fans With His First Bomb Of The Spring

In my opinion, this was the most underrated move of the offseason. Marcell Ozuna was so ridiculously underappreciated in Miami, mostly because he was overshadowed by Giancarlo Stanton, but I have a feeling that will no longer be the case now that he’s in St. Louis.

Last season, Ozuna hit .312 with a .924 OPS, 37 homers, 30 doubles, 191 hits, 124 RBI, scored 93 runs, was named to the All Star team, won a Silver Slugger and a Gold Glove. Yeah. I guess you could say he’s pretty fucking good. And like the broadcast said, the Cardinals had to give up a lot to get this guy, but he’s worth it. Those are MVP-type numbers.

Despite all the noise that the Milwaukee Brewers made in the offseason, the Cardinals are actually still projected to finish with a better record than them. With the Chicago Cubs once again being the favorites to take the NL Central crown, it’s the Cardinals, not the Brewers, who are projected to finish behind Chicago with 87 wins. For what it’s worth, 87 wins was what the Colorado Rockies finished with last year, who secured the second Wild Card spot in the National League.


And if you’re the type of person who isn’t impressed by spring training home runs, then peep this shit. Top tits banner shot.