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Putin Brags In Speech About New, Undetectable, Invincible "Doomsday" Nuclear Missile

Vladimir Putin is one scary motherfucker. That’s just what he is. Like Kim Jong Un I can’t take too seriously because he’s such a fat clown. But Putin? That KGB son of a bitch is to be taken seriously. I’m not overly well-versed in all this doomsday nuclear missile chatter (to be frank, I always thought nuclear missiles were pretty much already very doomsday-ish; like I thought that was the whole point) so all I’ll say is that I don’t like this one bit. I don’t like Putin taking the podium 17 days before Russia’s presidential election and touting all this scary ass shit about Russian nukes. I don’t like his animation about nuking Florida (home of the Cousins Retreat).

Vladdy’s got undetectable, unstoppable, world-destroying nuclear missiles? Welp, Carrabis may get his wish even sooner than he expected.

PS — lol never mind. Status: normal.