Could Jon Jones vs Brock Lesnar Happen?

Dana White threw this photo up on Twitter and Instagram on Sunday night, and got the internet buzzing a bit (by design). It’s no secret that Brock Lesnar’s WWE contract that he signed in 2015 originally ran through this April, but after a brief stint back in the UFC in July 2016, it now extends through SummerSlam in August. It’s also no secret that he could be headed back to the UFC at the ripe age of 41 when his WWE contract expires, and I should note that he reportedly gave the pro wrestling company notice that he would not be available for this year’s SummerSlam already. Now, Lesnar has ALWAYS been the master of negotiation and this could all be to squeeze a few extra dollars out of Vince, but what if it isn’t? What if Lesnar plans on re-entering the USADA testing pool, waiting out his six months, and looks to capitalize on a sparse heavyweight division? Could the long-awaited dream match of Brock Lesnar vs Jon Jones come to fruition? I think so!

Jones had his hearing with the California State Athletic Commission earlier this week, and while it didn’t go great, he was adamant that he did not take steroids, and that the last time he went through this, he also didn’t take steroids…he took dick pills which contained estrogen blockers in them. Not ideal, especially after Jones admitted he never completed the USADA tutorials after that (which are meant to inform athletes of such things) and had his management team do them and forge his signature, but if there’s some way to find that he’s just a fucking idiot and didn’t intentionally juice, maybe he can skirt by with a six month to one, maybe two year suspension. The hearing with the CSAC diiiid only pertain to the commission itself and California specifically, so they’re mostly going to allow USADA deal with the punishment, and if Dana slips them a little cash under the table, who knows? Maybe they’ll just feel bad for Jon since he did so much coke that he can’t get a boner anymore. Sounds like it stinks!

So if those pieces fall into place, Jones and Lesnar fight at Madison Square Garden in November and the winner takes on the Heavyweight Champion after Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier fight? Hell, even if Jones gets some huge punishment why not tell USADA to kick rocks and do the fight on international waters? Or in Japan? Let ‘em juice to their heart’s desires and then see what happens under PRIDE rules! Why not? It’d be like watching superheroes fight in a movie. Super soldier shit.

Check out Brendan Schaub’s take on the matter and tune in to Barstool Radio on Sirius XM Power 85 at 4pm to hear him on the show. Should be a fun one!

P.S. Juice or no juice, PRIDE or no PRIDE, I think Jones fucks Lesnar up. KO’s him within 3.