Jonah Hill Making His Girlfriend Lick His Sunglasses While He Pretends To Not Care Is A Serious Power Move




Whatever babe, ice cream is coming.


(Source) He played Donnie Azoff, sidekick to Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jordan Belfort in the racy The Wolf of Wall Street. But Jonah Hill was the one turning up the heat in a Los Angeles park on Sunday, when he was spotted getting close to his new girlfriend, Brooke Glazer, US Weekly reports. The actor, 30, looked loved-up as he shared a smooch with the petite brunette, who was then bizarrely seen licking his sunglasses.



You know what, good for you Jonah. Yeah you and your girlfriend have the most mismatched bodies of all time. Yeah she’s in full on summer gear because it probably was 90 degrees in LA and you’re dressed like it’s late November (classic fat guy move, I know from experience). But I can’t hate. You are living the dream. Fat, kind of weird looking guy makes some movies and starts dating chicks far out of his league and making them lick his sunglasses in public. American Dream right there.






I also have mutual friends that know this chick because she went to the University of Wisconsin, she’s a registered Dietician. Not sure how that works with Jonah Hill but whatever.