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Johnny Manziel Finally Admits The Story Is True - He Wore A Wig and Mustache To Hide Out As "Billy Vegas" Before The Browns' Final Game in 2016

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TSNJohnny Manziel’s tenure on the Browns ended in ugly fashion, with reports of him being in Las Vegas instead of Cleveland for the last week of the season. The story started from a Vegas radio host who claimed Manziel showed up wearing a blonde wig, a fake mustache, glasses and a hoodie.

The story sounded crazy at the time, but since it was Manziel, it was still believable. The quarterback never admitted to doing it, and even sent an Instagram post of him with his dog with a location in Ohio to try and cover his tracks.

But now that he’s a few years removed from the incident, the former Browns QB feels comfortable telling the story of what happened.

Finally! Confirmation for one of the best internet stories of 2016.  Do people remember this? Johnny Manziel Allegedly Partied In Vegas This Weekend Wearing A Fake Wig, Mustache And Glasses So People Wouldn’t Notice Him.  Called himself “Billy Vegas.”  Dave tried to buy a painting of it and we even had shirts on sale (which we may have to bring back now?)

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I don’t think there was much doubt in anyone’s mind…but still, hearing Johnny admit to all of it is hilarious.

Manziel confirmed most of the details from the report. He said he came into Vegas from the Cleveland airport already in disguise and no one recognized him.

“I had my hood, my hat, my everything, my sunglasses, my everything. So I get there, and no problem,” Manziel says.

He says once he got to a Vegas bar a reporter recognized him and that sent him “into straight damage mode.” He didn’t want to go home to Cleveland, so that’s when he started coming up with a grander scheme.

“I missed my flight, I put out an Instagram saying that I’m at home with my dog, and tagged it in Avon, Ohio. So then I’m like, I’m not going to be able to just go in with a hat. Let’s go get a wig. And, as funny as this is, I’m still pretty embarrassed by it. It’s still like a reckless decision, but like we said, let it die. I’m like, ‘Let’s go to this wig shop.’ So I type in Google, nearest wig shop and just go somewhere off the strip. Very very sketchy, I walk into this place and this little lady walks up [and asks], ‘What you want on your hair?’ And I’m like, ‘I need something that makes me not look like this. Do you have a mustache, do you have a wig, do you have anything?’ And she came back with this wig and I put it on, and I’m like, ‘Perfect!’ I shaved off all my facial hair except my mustache.” Manziel added it was a “blondish, brown mullet” and he has a photo of it.

Walking into a wig shop off the strip and having some tiny old lady bring him a mullet and shaving his face into just a mustache to go tear it up in the club like 3 hours before his team plays.  Classic Old Johnny.

He said he didn’t get back to his room until about 3 or 4 in the morning, which was 7 in the morning on East Coast time, where the Browns are. He needed to be at the facility at 8, which he knew he wouldn’t make, so he just turned his phone off and figured it out once he woke up.

Once he got back to Cleveland, he explained everything to the Browns’ front office personnel and claims they “still had faith” Manziel could have a future. But he says Hue Jackson had a contingency that if he became head coach, Manziel wouldn’t be a part of the future.

Whatever. Minor setback for a major #ComebackSzn.


[Credit The ThomaHawk Show]