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UCF Building Evacuated and Hazmat Called After A Kid In A Lebron James Jersey Stood Up And Did The Powder Throw In The Middle Of Class

NBCA building at the University of Central Florida in Orlando has been evacuated after campus police say someone wearing a LeBron James Miami Heat basketball jersey stood up in a classroom and threw powder in the air.

University police said in a statement posted Wednesday on Twitter that the Business Administration building was evacuated “out of an abundance of caution.” In a video posted on Twitter, Police Chief Richard Beary said it appeared to be a stunt but they had to treat it as an emergency.

Students are being asked to avoid the area.

James, who now plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers, sometimes tosses chalk in the air in a pregame ritual.

I don’t know where this one falls on the common sense spectrum.  People know me.  I’m the common sense guy.  The rational guy.  Big fan of people just using their brains in specific situations.  Instead of blanket rules maybe just take a second to consider the circumstances and try not to overreact.

But this one’s tough.  Because on one hand, reading that headline is hilarious.  A guy doing the Lebron baby powder throw in the middle of class is funny.  Shutting down an entire building over it is possibly even funnier.   But at the time, on a college campus, in this day and age, when a random kid just jumps up and throws powder in the air – I don’t know.  Hindsight is 20/20.  Would I know what was going on?  Probably, especially if I had a clear view of the jersey.   But if I’m like 20 rows away would I be freaked out and book it like George Costanza running from the fire?  Who’s to say.  Tensions are high and better safe than sorry.  Can’t really fault the school’s response of being extra careful.

But to be totally clear – knowing all the facts, after the fact – that’s pretty fucking funny.