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Therapy Dogs Have Made Their Way To Stoneman Douglas High School

What an incredible picture that is. Great news for the folks down in Florida. Therapy dogs have made their way down and they’re ready to rock. I hate that we have to use these dogs so much but I love that they exist. That’s my official stance on therapy dogs. Look at those gentle beasts. Beautiful golden retrievers all waiting in line ready to lay down some love on the students. The picture alone would make anyone feel better. I honestly cannot even imagine returning to the place where 17 of your fellow classmates were gunned down in cold blood. The fact that these kids have to go back there and try to focus and learn just a few short weeks after the massacre happened is incomprehensible to me. I know you can’t hold up school forever but god damn. What a Herculean emotional task everyone involved has going forward. Especially the kids. Hopefully seeing the faces of those dogs makes it a little bit easier on them.