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Tough Morning For RedDog 69



Not going to beat up on St. Louis fans. Yes the Cubs made them look silly last night, yes they had 20 hits and 17 runs, yes it was on national television and everyone got to see how awesome the Cubs can be sometimes (once a year),



but like I said, I’m not going to beat them up, because If there is anything in life I have learned it’s that if a man has a personalized Red Dog 69 jersey and a portable chair so that he doesn’t have to stand in any actual lines, that’s a man you have to respect, doesn’t matter what side of the fan line he sits on. I like you Red Dog 69, and I bet you do a ton of 69’ing in your life and that’s pretty fucking sweet.




Best two non baseball highlights.


Cubs fan with awesome hands, obviously.


And Cards girls getting so bored with their putrid baseball team that they have to kiss.