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Introducing Our Newest Employee: Kayce Smith


Oops Pres did it again!   Yup another big brain move from Portnoy Inc.   Kayce Smith is now officially part of the Pirate Ship.   A very attractive Pirate Ship it is quickly becoming I might add.  (Don’t #metoo me bro)   Anyway how do we keep finding great talent and convincing them to come here?  Why is the rest of the media world laying people off while we are hiring more and more people?  Simple.   Barstool is the best place in media at building stars and building personalities.   If you are funny, interesting and opinionated we let you flourish.   Kacye is all of the above.     Hey Johnny Football…..two A&M grads together for a radio show?  Thoughts?

PS – Kayce starts in 2 weeks.  And shoutout to my boy Kirk Minihane for breaking this news before we did.  Thanks bro.  Is it a scoop when everybody knows?  We weren’t exactly keeping it a secret.  The plan was to let Kayce announce it first.   Do you want to work here or not Kirk?