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What Exactly Are We Doing Here?

I admit, I did not see this on TV so I don’t know the context or what was said. That naturally makes me qualified to ask simply what the fuck are we talking about here? Who has the better handles between Kyrie Irving and Bob Cousy? You mean this



This was a serious question on a real life TV show? If someone has it I’d love to see the clip because I simply can’t believe this was a topic of discussion. Don’t get me wrong, love Cousy and he was absolutely a pioneer of the position. The reason there is a Kyrie is because there was a Cousy but lets not get ahead of ourselves here. I’m sure what Cousy was doing back in his day was the equivalent of what Kyrie is doing now, but that doesn’t make his handle even remotely as good. In fact, if you told Kyrie he could only use his index finger his handle would still be better. This is utter nonsense and the perfect excuse to just spend too much time watching Kyrie handles videos

Be better Boston TV, what are we doing.