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YBN Nahmir Is Coming On Barstool Gametime To Dominate GTA V And We Need Stoolies To Join Our Syndicate

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Rapper YBN Nahmir will be making his much anticipated appearance on Barstool Gametime tomorrow at 3:30pm with GTA V. What a world. Obviously the likes of YBN Nahmir are cut from the same cloth and naturally have a lot in common to discuss, but that’s neither here nor there. This is going to be all business. All GTA V. All domination. And we need the Stoolies to join the Barstool Syndicate and fight along side, or against us, if ye shall please.

If you have GTA V, a PS4 (BarstoolOffice is our PSN tag), and an Internet connection, you’re able to join up in our gang tomorrow by registering HERE. We wish to get this gang cooking not only tomorrow, but for the foreseeable future. We don’t want our Barstool Syndicate ruling the GTA V streets, we NEED our Barstool Syndicate ruling the GTA V streets. YBN Nahmir and you are all going to help along the way. Let’s. Go.

Thanks for Y-Nah (we’re onto the nickname friendship stage, maybe) for joining the cause. I just hope tomorrow goes smoother than our last GTA adventure at Rockstar HQ.

Can’t win ‘em all. Or any. Just join the damn Barstool Syndicate HERE.

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