Many People Are Asking Why I Got #Scrotox (Botox in my balls)

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You ever gone swimmin? I’m talkin a long, cool dip in a lake, pond, or pool. When you get outta the water and take off your bathing suit, you’ll notice that your testicles look like the salt flats of Utah.


Not good. Everyone knows the most desirable look for the testicles is lookin smooth as an overfilled water balloon. You want them bad boys like they are filled to the gills with milky ejaculate.

In the face. Nice.

If your balls are wrinkled, people will assume that your nuts are as dry as the insides of the popular 1988 sensation California Raisins, and I’ve heard it through the grapevine that being dried out is actually bad.

So, yeah. I’ve Scrotoxed. Any man who cares about his coin purse has. Imagine being embarrassed at the aesthetics of your privates because they are too wrinkly. Couldnt be me.

When your testicles are lookin like an eyeless, infant pig >>>>

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