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Breaking News: Billionaire TV Star Donald Trump Running For President In 2020

Unreal. I could see Trump running for something like mayor. Maybe Congress. But president? C’mon now. The presidency is serious business. The president makes decisions day in and day out that affect tens of millions of lives. The president makes life and death calls for hundreds, thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of people over the course of his presidency. The president’s got full control of the most powerful military in history. He’s got his finger on the nuke button. He’s followed everywhere by the nuclear football. He arrives everywhere on Air Force One. The president gets his own library, makes calls to the families of fallen soldiers, addresses the nation as the first and foremost voice in the face of tragedy or crisis. The president is the leader of the single most influential society in the history of the world.

And we’re going to turn that over to… Donald Trump? I understand people are fed up but c’mon now. I did a little research and it looks like Donnie Politics has been preparing for this moment for several decades.

Crazy. Should be interesting to see what happens.