I Give This Deer's Dive Off A Bridge (Into Water) A 10 Outta 10


Whoa! I thought the Olympics were over! That was an Olympic-worthy dive.

Look at this toe point

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 3.19.11 PM

Pure. Majestic. Majestically pure. Purely majestic.

Not sure if this makes me an asshole or not but I laughed LOUDLY at that deer jumping off a bridge. Ya know, once I realized the deer was gonna land on water and not concrete. I’m not a monster. If you listen closely you can hear a lady screaming in the background. She knew what was about to happen and it happened anyway. Although I’m not sure how you’re supposed to stop a bounding deer from jumping off a bridge. You know when you’re walking up a flight of stairs and you misjudge the number and step onto a phantom stair? And how weird that feels? Well take that, multiple it by a million and that’s what the deer went through.

Or a way better example is whenever Wile E Coyote falls off a cliff