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Drake's Skating Form Is Trash If We're Being Perfectly Honest

As many of you may know, Drake is Canadian so hockey is obviously a major part of his life. With that in mind, Drake went roller skating the other day. While I’m sure he had a blast as there are very few feelings in the world better than lacing up the wheels and going for a rip, that’s not exactly headline news. But neither are a lot of things you see on the news these days so who gives a heck? Anyway, what is headline news is the fact that Canada may have to disown Drake after this horrendous skating posture.

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 12.28.52 PM

Buddy….. what is THAT? The form is so preposterous that it looks like Robbie Fox could take him off his feet with ease. No disrespect to Octagon Bob or anything but he weighs like 115 lbs.

His head is up which is a good start. But my guy, you gotta straighten out that back a little. You’re looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame here. One way to help get that back in line would be to sit your ass down deeper. I don’t know if it’s because he spent so much time in a wheelchair on Degrassi and now that wheelchair isn’t there anymore for the support, or what. But either way, you have to get that ass down. You want a 90 degree bend on that glide leg. We’re looking to generate the most power per stride here. Work smarter, not harder. Right now the bend on that glide leg is somewhere around 150-165. Not ideal at all.

And then finally, it looks like his arms are just dangling there. You want your full body to be working in one fluid motion. As your stride leg goes back, you want to bring that arm with your elbow coming through about to your knee on your glide leg. Meanwhile, you want to drive that arm on your glide leg side back. Your arms just dangling there are doing absolutely nothing for your stride and taking them out of the equation means you have to work even harder to generate power and speed. So yeah. Drake may be Canadian and everything but I’d love to whoop his ass in some roller.