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The Zion Williamson Senior Year Mixtape Highlight Reel Is About As Ridiculous As You Would Expect

Not a bad way to spend 3 minutes of your Tuesday I suppose. If you Photoshopped every opponent off of the floor, told me the rims were 9 feet high and watched that video, it would still be impressive as shit. And that’s before we get to the absolutely FIRE “I Can Fly” remix or the fact all those highlights came from only 1 of the 10 seasons Zion has been on the varsity team. Sure the size of his opponents are still an all-time mismatch. But I don’t think that’s a negative for Zion. If you want to help your stock in college scouts eyes, it’s probably a better idea to transfer to whatever section basketball this is in South Carolina than fight for a spot on an Oak Hill type of team. The thought of the nation’s best high school basketball players transferring to this random pocket of South Carolina just so they can rain dunks all over a bunch of short white kids faces has me dying.

But maybe the most impressive part of this mixtape is that we have visual proof that Zion’s jumper actually exists!





IT’S REAL!!! Yeah it’s not Steph Curry smooth or anything, but it’s definitely in the nonfiction section of the internet. And lets be honest, Zion can spinzone that every lefty jump shot looks a little weird because everything lefties do is at least a little weird.

Well that was a lot of fun talking about Zion Williamson. Now it’s time to get back to work. I find that reminding yourself Zion will be doing stuff like this for Duke next season is a good way to transition back into the shitty reality that is life.