Word To The Wise: Do Not Get Into A Lacrosse Fight Unless You Know Your Mom Won't Run Onto The Field To Break It Up

It’s just a fact of life that at some point during your athletic career, you’re going to come across somebody who is bigger, faster, and stronger than you. Unless you’re like a high school running back who is going to an SEC school, you’re probably not going to be the biggest guy on the field 100% of the times. Our buddy wearing black here had to find that out the hard way after he got steamrolled by this ogre.

Tough go but like I said, this shit happens from time to time. Credit to the kid, he pops right back up on his feet and at least tries to scrap a little. The boys can all have a nice little laugh about it on the bus ride back home and all is well that ends well. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of it. And what could have just been a funny thing to bust balls about on the bus ride home turned into a full fledged disaster after who I can only assume is this guy’s mom jumped on to the field to break up the fight.

Now I can respect the momma bear instincts coming into play here. You see your cub scrapping against somebody who is twice his size and you just don’t want to see him get murdered. But it’s gonna be a tough ass road for #51 to come back from this. He just earned himself a permanent spot at the front of the bus after this incident. Hell, even the coaches might be sitting further back on the bus than him right now. We’re talking first row, people.

The more I think about it, the more I think hockey players are so lucky that there are boards and giant panes of glass separating their moms from the ice. I feel like lacrosse moms are very similar to hockey moms and there’s probably a ton of overlap there. If hockey moms could climb over the boards to break up fights on the ice, they’d be out there every single game.

Never Forget.