Wedding Protocol 101: As The Father of the Groom, Don't Make Out With The Bride

It’s just not what you want. You can’t be having the father of the groom get so hammered he makes out with the bride. Can’t be having that at a wedding folks. I’ve only been to one wedding so far in my life and this did not in fact happen during the proceedings. I understand as the father of the groom you may be a little jealous your son is about to marry a beautiful young woman, someone likely more attractive than your wife, but I’m telling you here from an outsider’s point of view, trying to get with the bride is a no-can-do.

This sort of thing only happens in porn after the wedding with some good old fashioned father-in-law affair, but that’s only after the fact when the groom leaves for work. The father clearly jumped the gun here and it looks like ruined absolutely everything with this wedding. A brawl appears to even break out a little afterwards as the bride’s family stormed the stage. This dude might’ve been so blacked out he woke up the next day with no recollection of the events. That must’ve been one hell of a morning.

I didn’t think someone could top Dane Cook’s wedding sabotage efforts in My Best Friend’s Girl (one of my guilty pleasures) but this father certainly tried his best.