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Remember The Rapper That Cut Off His Penis, Well He's Back Explaining Why He Did That


Christ Bearer is finally breaking his silence about why he cut off his penis before jumping out a window … telling TMZ it was depression over not being able to see his daughters that drove him to commit the insane act. Oh, and he also got his penis back. We’ll get to that later …

C.B. — part of the Wu-Tang affiliate Killa Beez — tells TMZ that night last month was a rough one for him. He says he was feeling super alone … unable to see his two daughters because of restraining orders and a third child on the way.  C.B. tells us he started to smoke weed and read a book about monks and vasectomies. C.B. says it felt like his world was collapsing, and with the thoughts of kids and vasectomies in his head … he decided to take matters into his own hands. Clearly, it did not turn out well. But there was a happy ending. C.B. says plastic surgeons were able to reattach his manhood and he has regained full functionality … though he might not be able to have kids. So … mission accomplished? As for his future with Wu-Tang, he’d only say, “I am the f***ing Wu Tang.” If you say so.

Wait, that’s why you cut off your dick? Because you felt alone? What the fuck? I know I’ve said this before on KFC Radio but adults are not allowed to feel bored or alone. When you were a kid boredom was a real thing because you couldn’t drive, you had to go to bed at a certain time, school etc etc. You lived in a dictatorship with rules and laws that you couldn’t get away from. But you’re not a child Christ, you’re a fucking adult, if you’re bored go to the bar or watch a movie or play a video game or surf craigslist for strange pussy. You can literally do anything you want and you chose to read vasectomy books, get high, and cut off your penis? Actually, I’m being hypocritical, I guess that’s just your “I’m an adult and I can do anything I want” activity. Some people catch up on TV or walk their dog, you read about monks, hit a bong, and take your penis off of your body. Disregard what I previously said, if that’s how you deal with boredom and feeling alone so be it. Free country, cut off your dick anytime you want man, last year’s Madden was overrated anyway.