Poker Player Won $60,000 And Then Immediately Bet It All On Black

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Pokernews - That wasn’t the only event that was played out, though, as there was a £2,200 high roller with a £200,000 guarantee that was down to a final table as well. In the end, Jake Cody came out on top winning the trophy and £42,670 ($59,992).

Where others might have celebrated with a bottle of champagne and a night on the town, Jake Cody headed to the roulette to wager all of his winnings. With a massive crowd gathered, he put the full £42,000 (and the trophy) on black!

Dusk Till Dawn casino owner and poker lover Rob Yong himself was the one to spin the ball. With the crowd chanting “Black! Black! Black!,” the ball fell on……..





….Black 22!

Cody doubled his £42,670 wager, getting paid out £85,340 ($119,882) as the crowd erupted. We’re sure Cody used that £85,000 to buy some rounds.

The dream. The absolute dream. Not only to be good enough at poker to win a tournament, but to be rich enough to bet it all on black. And Jake Cody, he has both in spades. Not only a great poker player, but what’s $60,000 anyway? That’s just a few hours of work, it’s barely even worth collecting from the cage for your payout. So you do the reasonable thing and put all of it on black and really make it meaningful.

And who can blame him? Anyone who has ever been in a casino has had that temptation. Everyone, no matter if you’re up or down, wants to bet it all on black. If you’re up money, you can bet it all and either leave with double or leave with what you came with. If you’re down money, the best way to get it back is to risk it on a 50/50 chance (0 and 00 never hits, duh). There’s no losing in either scenario.