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Something Looks a Little Off With These Three Guys Jumping on a Trampoline in the Middle of a California Highway


Feb. 25 (UPI) — A surprised driver in a California city captured video of the bizarre hazard slowing down traffic — three men having a mid-road trampoline session.

Marlet Hidalgo posted a video to a local Facebook group in Moreno Valley showing the scene she witnessed while driving Friday afternoon on Cactus Avenue.

Hidalgo said she was on her way to a former employer in Moreno Valley to pick up her W2 forms when “traffic started to slow for no reason.”

She said she soon came to suspect that someone was in the road.

I have a question that maybe a lot of people aren’t asking. Why is there a trampoline in the middle of a highway? How does that happen? These three guys just dragged a gigantic trampoline from their backyard to the middle of the highway? Thought that was a totally rational idea and wouldn’t disrupt the entire flow of traffic? This is just California in a nutshell. All of the FB comments are “let these kids have fun what’s the big deal?” If that happens in New York, New Jersey, Boston or any of the North East cities that trampoline is getting plowed over by a car with no regard for human life. You want to disrupt traffic on a highway with a goddamn trampoline? Trying to keep me from getting where I need to be? Well, guess what, you’re getting hit by a car.

If these guys were little children I’d give them the benefit of the doubt that they were just young idiots having fun and didn’t know better. These three look like at minimum teenagers of like age 16, and could easily have been older to be honest. You three are gigantic assholes and you’re lucky you live in care-free California where no one even knows what time it is.