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Delta Airlines Denying the USA Gold Medal Mens Curling Team Seat Upgrades For Their Flight Home is an Absolute Travesty

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 10.14.00 AM


Just a travesty on all accounts. On Friday the Team USA Mens Curling team defeated Sweden in the Gold Medal game to claim their first ever medal in the sport. It was seen as a gigantic accomplishment and obviously any Gold Medal for USA means a whole fuck ton. As the 2018 Winter Olympics finally concluded yesterday, the Curling team headed home in what is a long, long flight to the States. You’d think Delta could’ve hooked up our olympic heroes with some first class tickets? How about some extra leg room or something? Maybe free alcohol? SOMETHING. Nope. Credit to our humble champions for being true salt of the Earth and thanking Delta for even responding to their tweet.

Love these guys, but Delta really dropped the ball here. Straight up class from our boys.