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Did Some Guy On Twitter Just Talk James Gunn Into Casting Mark Hamill In 'Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3'?

Don’t play with my heart like this, guys. You can’t have this exchange publicly without absolutely guaranteeing that Mark Hamill will appear in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3′ in some capacity, even if it’s just for a Stan Lee-esque cameo where Star Lord recognizes him from Star Wars or something. My hopes are too high now! Either do that or cast him as an awesome, really menacing villain. He’s obviously best known as Luke Skywalker, but damn does he play a great baddie. The Joker, The Trickster, The Cock-Knocker, he’s got RAAAANGE, yo! I saw somebody suggest not including him in ‘Guardians’ but making him Doctor Octupus in the MCU and that would be, in my opinion, the perfect casting. I want nothing more than him to stand opposite Tom Holland in the next Spider-Man movie with those mechanic arms sticking out of his back, donning the tinted goggles of Dr. Otto Octavius. Imagine how awesome that’d be?! Give Hamill a Bryan Cranston-like career resurgence that allows him to show his acting ability beyond what he’s comfortable in. That’s what I’d like for my best friend.