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Geno Smith Went Exploring 19 Hours Ago And Hasn't Tweeted Since And I'm Officially Worried About Him

No joke, I’m officially scared. I barely slept last night. I laid in my bed, refreshing Geno Smith’s Twitter feed over and over again, waiting for him to Tweet. And nothing. He has been completely silent since yesterday afternoon when he went exploring, to once and for all find out if the Earth is flat, for the good of all mankind.

And now we haven’t heard from Geno since 2:30pm yesterday afternoon and I’m officially 100% worried. Geno is disregarding safety (and if you’ve seen Geno play, you’d know he never looks off a safety) out on his boat to find out the truth- can you sail around the world? Is the Earth flat? What really happens in the Restricted Area?

I’m beginning to think….what if…what if the Restricted Area….is real? And what if he wasn’t supposed to go there, and a powerful man in a suit was waiting for him? So now what if Geno knows too much? What if we all know too much? Maybe some things aren’t meant to be found out. Maybe we should just stick to what we know. Stop questioning everything, just eat fast food, go to work, and not question everything. Because now we have lost Geno Smith, all because he wanted to educate the world, and show that 99.9% of scientists are in on it. Our teachers? In on it. And our government…I’m just worried I’ve typed too much already. Flat or round, please just let me know Geno is okay. Please Geno, please. Please be okay.